Sunset feasts by the seaside or champagne while gazing at a city skyline are two examples of definitely romantic outings – two undoubtedly sensuous ones at that. On a romantic date, however, what is it that truly turns up the sensuous tempo? Aphrodisiacs.

Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, elegance, desire, and passion, is the origin of the word “aphrodisiac.” Aphrodisiacs are also defined by the FDA as any substance that claims to excite or enhance sexual desire or that it would enhance sexual performance. If the mozzarella sticks aren’t making you drool, think about experimenting with these items that you didn’t realise were aphrodisiacs to spice up your romantic life. Try including these aphrodisiac dishes on your next date in addition to sprinkling an aphrodisiac aroma beforehand.

1. Oyster Bar

Oyster bars are elegant and classy. Get started on the slick aphrodisiacs by ordering a plate of oysters on ice. Additionally, pour a bottle of champagne, which goes nicely alongside oysters (and is an aphrodisiac in itself).

2. Strawberries dipped in Dark Chocolate

You combine aphrodisiacs #1 and #2 through dipping fresh strawberries in dark chocolate on your date nights, and accomplish two goals at once. No matter what, it’s a romantic pastime, especially when you and your partner feed them to one another after the chocolate has set.

3. Wine Tasting

You might say that because it helps to make us feel lighter, alcohol itself is an aphrodisiac. But since red wine in specific is an aphrodisiac, go all out and take in the beautiful scenery at a winery. Alternately, get right to it and split a bottle with your significant other in a date night setting.

4. Pumpkin and Pumpkin Seeds

The zinc inside pumpkin seeds is the perfect sex nutrient, claims Dr. Oz on According to investigations, testosterone levels are higher in women who have more sex desire. Adding zinc to your diet raises your testosterone levels. The enzymes that convert testosterone into oestrogen are inhibited by zinc. Pumpkin seeds in a serving size of 1/4 cup might be effective.

5. Sushi Bars

Do you intend to consume sushi on your date night? Excellent choice. Because eating fresh fish may boost libido, as can eating scampi, mussels, and seafood overall. According to research, oysters in particular have aphrodisiac properties. The abundance of zinc that boosts testosterone levels is one of the secrets, along with other elements.

6. Hot, Spicy Food

Foods that raise the temperature (like chilli or spice) are believed to evoke “hot” passion, albeit this is not scientifically established. Eating spicy food may make you feel hot and restless, which could make you feel desire for your spouse as well.

7. Celery

You may be aware that pheromones, the odors that individuals emit and which other people respond to, play a significant role in determining who you find sexually attractive. Androsterone, which is found in celery, can increase pheromone synthesis. Pheromones have the ability to subtly alter the behaviour of the receiving partner after they are “smelled.”